Mux Mool – Klipkast #5

Mux Mool just dropped (I believe) his first official mix ever for the fine folks over at Klipm0de.  Mas informacion despues del saltar

This next installation of our klipkast family guestmix series comes from Ghostly International’s Mux Mool. Aside from being an incredible dude, he also likes sodapop.  In his spare time he enjoys bolstering his animated-gif collection, playing Secret of Mana, and drawing boobies.  These are a few of his favorite things.

Be sure to kop his new EP on Ghostly International titled, “Wax Rose Saturday EP”

This features a completely new track titled “Valley Girls”, a remux of “Wax Rose Saturday”, and remixes from Free The Robots, Devonwho, Shigeto, Alex B, Paul White, and Daso. Dope.

Onto the mixxx…

We let him explain his mix in his own words.

“This mix starts nerdy, gets nerdier, goes classic for a sec, and then comes back to general vibe. My focus on this is to showcase some other things I been doing that either aren’t released or won’t be released for a while, and in some cases not even finished. That, and I included some little clips of beats that always get stuck in my head. I think I should just add that I think Necro is an awful human being, but I’ve always liked that beat. If you’ve not heard Pete Rock, you should google that. Also, check out my super homie Charles Trees and my friends from back home and all their super productions Famfeud I learned a lot about making beats from listening to that Famfeud CD.”   – Mux Mool


1. Secret of Mana (Mux Mool remix)
2. Brothers (Mux Mool)
3. Untitled (Mux Mool)
4. Beat 30 (Mux Mool)
5. Beck Loop
6. Untitled (Mux Mool)
7. Instrumental 6 (Pete Rock)
8. Black Helicopters instrumental (Necro)
9. Track #5 (King Karnov Famfeud)
10. Cicada (Mux Mool)
11. Memories (Charles Trees)
12. Ganon (Mux Mool)
13. I Can’t Draw (Mux Mool)
14. The Outside (Eliot Lipp Mux Mool Remix)

Download the podcast over at Klipm0de’s site HERE



~ by ssub on September 22, 2010.

One Response to “Mux Mool – Klipkast #5”

  1. nice! heres brians first mix (via ghostly) :


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