mymanhenri – Kaleidoscopic mix for All City

mymanhenri, the man behind 92bpm blog (which you should all be keeping up w/ if you’re not already, top notch beats all day!) just released his second podcast for All City.  Really dope track selection with a great variety of styles, always dig this man’s taste in beats.

So, this is my recent mix. Just a few days old. To be honest, I have this love hate relationship w/ these. Love the music. Hate to arrange it. Love it when it comes together well. Hate that I have to listen to it over and over again to realize after I should have done something different. Love the fact that ppl have sent over newness. Hate the fact that I forgot to include others on it. Love the fact that I can rant about this. Hate the fact that I AM ranting about this.
Hate the fact that when I make these, I’, always thinking of what my neighbors are thinking right now – I live in a condo… ha.
At the end of the day, I’m happy about this mix for the fact that it was requested by a boutique label a greatly admire, All City, and that it reflects the enthusiasm in music that I’ve always had: metal, hip hop, electronic and all in between. I was going to call this potentially, MPCs n Beatbreaks v2, as it was going to be a long overdue follow up to v1 (which is still available to my surprise), but I chose otherwise.Kaleidoscopic was more apt for so many reasons, many of which will come to light soon. Anyhow, enough of the soliloquy. Here’s a run down of the track listing…

Hit up 92bpm for a VERY detailed tracklist and more links (click the down arrow to the right of the soundcloud player to download)


~ by ssub on October 7, 2010.

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  1. heRobust is crazy nice!

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