Paul Pre – Mix for The Fast Life FM

Brand new, laid-back mix from Paul Pre for The Fast Life.  This man never disappoints, definitely the most consistently fresh mixes of any DJ in the scene.  I just pray homie has been producing for a minute here and keeping it on the low, his taste in beats is top-notch!

For those who didn’t knew already – Kiel/Germany based Paul Pre is a 24-year-old DJ and responsible for our March-issue of The Fast Life FM.

Paul’s spinning records since about nine years now and is heavily influenced by East Coast hip-hop. Especially Rawkus releases took a shine to him. In 2001 he bought his first own records and started to entertain the people in small bars of his hometown. Over the years he broaded his own horizon of music and instrumental as well as electronic productions became part and parcel of his repertoire.

After the idea already was spinning around in his head for a while, Paul Pre and some of his pals finally launched the event series Vast at the beginning of this year. Vast is about to show that not only metropolises like London, Paris, Berlin are able to come up with a groundbreaking sound.

Paul likes to send some props to his homeboys Falk, Tabooze, Tom, Coins and Macho in Jena and we like to point out our The Fast Life FM March issue to you. Thanks a bunch to Paul Pre. Enjoy the mix!

01. Lone – Waves Imagination
02. Daedelus – Order of the Golden Dawn (feat. Laura Darling)
03. Bibio – Lovers’ Carvings (Leatherette Remix)
04. Jose James – Black Magic
05. Bug – Cosmic Lab
06. Julien Dyne – Fallin Down ft. Parks
07. Duktus – 95bpmshaker
08. Erdbeerschnitzel – Suave
09. Floating Points – Truly
10. Sbtrkt – The Fog
11. Om Unit – Lavender
12. Shlomo – Antigravity (Low Limit Remix)
13. Seiji – I Can’t Let it Go
14. Mark Pritchard – Heavy as stone
15. Silkie – Turvy
16. James Blake – Air & Lack Thereof
17. Zomby – Godzilla
18. Bonobo – Eyesdown (Instrumental)
19. Darkstar – Aidys girl is a computer

Left click – auto DL


~ by ssub on March 19, 2010.

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