Grillo – I Had U Ken EP

New freebie EP from Grillo, tipped off by You’ll Soon Know

About Grillo

Born in a coastal town in Italy with a light skin tone Grillo found himself pretty much the only kid at the beach getting constantly sun burnt and schorched. Forced to stay indoors during the hottest days of summer he developed a passion for making mixtapes on his boombox out of old tapes he found around the house. These early recordings were a mix of old italian folksingers, videogame soundtracks and long religious sermons from grandma’s collection of C-90s. Teenage years brought Grillo decks, records and software trackers, along with a passion for hip hop and sampling, the lost art of recycling applied to music.Today, in addition to regularly collaborating with local rap acts, leftfield electronica projects and rogue indie movie crews Grillo crafts his own blend of music consisting of crusty beats, vintage samples, 8-bit bleeps and field recordings: sounds like recycled crap yet an original voice somehow emerges from it all

About the EP

Angry lo fi synth lines buzz along with deep, stilted beats in I Had U Ken, Grillo’s tribute to the all american awesomeness of Street Fighter’s Ken Masters. Videogame samples and xbox live scrubs spouting profanity during online play adorn the shorter tracks, while Ken’s own in game voice is autotuned and vocoded to sing along in TaDaDa, feeling like drunken yodeling on acid. There’s also a chiptune remake of the original street fighter 2 ken theme, a nice trip down memory lane before the dark, dubby and moody Thunder Kick closes out the record with its menacing guitar riff.


1. Shoryuken

2. TaDaDa

3. Online Saltiness

4. Step Kick (Krazy Kicks 1)

5. Tatsumaki

6. Senpuu-Kyaku

7. Inazuma Kakato Wari (Krazy Kicks 2)

8. Shoryureppa

9. Masters Theme

10. Thunder Kick (Krazy Kicks 3)

Bandcamp link



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