Blue Sky Black Death – Coup de Grace

Just received a new mix from SF based instrumental hip-hop production duo Blue Sky Black Death.  This one’s filled w/ some really beautiful, shoegaze-influenced downtempo beats.  Glad to see these two are still at it, they one of the first hip-hop acts that bridged the gap between my taste in electronic and beats when I was listening to “A Heap of Broken Images” years back.  Hoping to see this guys start doing more touring, seems like they’d be able to do really interesting live sets.  Continue on for more info, tracklist, and download link…

BSBD an accomplished West Coast production duo has mastered the art of collaboration. Their sound transforms the raw into the refined through technically building layers that exceed the boundaries of any one particular musical genre. Young God and Kingston make up the duo, and acquire additional people to help construct the synthesis of instrumental variety. Often a single track will involve a violin, cello, keyboard, and guitar mixed with live vocals and abstract samplings.   Most of their reputation comes from their accomplishments with various hip hop collaborators (Jean Grae, Crooked-I, Hell Razah, the late Guru, Ill Bill, to name but a few). Each album surpasses the next in expectation thus creating surprise.

BSBD has been recieved praise from such publications as Spin, URB, Rock Sound, XLR8R (naming “Late Night Cinema” as: “The Best Instrumental Hip Hop album of 2008. Unlike any other artist around right now”), Itunes featured artist, Imeem featured artist, ReUp magazine, Filter Magazine, Vapors Magazine, Remix Magazine, Pop Matters, amongst others, and their music has led them to receive worldwide recognition.

Their most recent highly acclaimed album “Slow Burning Lights” matches BSBD with phenomenon Yes Alexander. Her spine numbing vocals and somber lyrics meld flawlessly amongst BSBD’s quixotic rhythms. BSBD has redefined hip hop through their kaleidoscopic perception of music as a landscape; music as a dimension to construct and build upwards and out. Their name borrowed from the skydiving term, beauty before death, mirrors their longevity and ability to bring back to life, dead and forgotten dimensions.

There’s no artifice behind BSBD, as will be heard with “Third Party,” which is set to drop September 7, 2010 and will be BSBD’s 10th album released within a 4-year-span. “Third Party” pairs BSBD with songwriter Alexander Chen of Boy in Static, and most recently The Consulate General. The songs draw from a span of inspiration, from 80’s pop melodies to modern indie rock experimentation. The album will shake birds out of the sky


1. Untitled
2. Carl Sagan (Featuring Alexander Chen)
4. Cynic’s Cough(Featuring Alexander Chen)
5. My Work Is Done (Unreleased Version)
6. Slow Years
7. Untitled
8. Call To Arms
9. Untitled
10. Threads of Gold

Mediafire link



~ by ssub on September 26, 2010.

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