Recap of the past month

What’s good yall? Hope everyone is having an excellent summer so far. There’s been quite a bit of excellent music floating about lately, figured I’d do a quick recap of all freshies that have hit the interweb since LGD went on hiatus. Again, have no fear, LGD will be back in full force once the always crazy summer music lineups slow down a bit.

Beat Tapes

Labcoat Crew (Kendo and Shweez of Two Fresh, Bookworm, and Jables) – Hi EP

Bandcamp link

Ali Berger – The Departures EP

Bandcamp link

Cuthead – City Slicker EP

Left click – Auto DL

Leanard Dstroy + Kutty Slitz – The LennySlitz Project

Bandcamp link

B.Lewis – Mercury Blank EP

Left click – auto DL

Elaquent – Freebies EP

Mediafire link

Morpheground – Off D’Wrekkid Vol. 1

Bandcamp link

P.U.D.G.E – Don’t Touch My Drumset

Bandcamp link

BoomBaptist beat tape

Bandcamp link


Low End Theory Podcast XV – Lorn and The Gaslamp Killer

Brainfeeder link

Swede:art – Emotional Colors Mix (promo for his forthcoming album, which is easily the freshest release of the year besides arguably Cosmogramma)

Right click – save as

Teebs – XLR8R Podcast

XLR8R link

DLX – Open Heart Surgery mix

Right click – Save as

Dem Hunger – MAH Guest mix

Mediafire link

All-City Records – April podcast

All City link

Rustie – Mixed Nuts mix

Right click – save as

Paul White – Shake a Leg mix

Soundcloud link (click the arrow to DL)

Onra – Cosmopolyphonic guest mix

Cosmopolyphonic link

MAH: City of LA Vol. 2 feat. The Gaslamp Killer, Nosaj Thing, Samiyam, Matthew David, and Daddy Kev

92BPM link

Matthew David – Live set for Dublab

Dublab link

Maxmillion Dunbar – Make Your Transition mix

Right click – save as

Mike Slott – Resident Advisor mix

Hotfile link

BTS Radio Guest mixes

Paul White




Big Ups post-RBMA recap mixes




Daisuke Tanabe


Illum Sphere


Brainfeeder 420 Special

Part 01 – Jeramiah Jay

Part 02 – Daddy Kev

Part 03 – Take

Part 04 – Teebs

Part 05 – Daedelus

Part 06 – Gaslamp Killer

Part 07 – Kode9

Part 08 – Flying Lotus & Thundercat

Part 09 – Ras G

Part 10 – Dr Strangeloop

Part 11 – Samiyam

Part 12 – Nosaj Thing

Part 13 – Matthew David

Part 14 – Tokimonsta

Part 15 – Jeramiah Jay

Volcano Refugee Party

Flying Lotus




Ras G


My apologies for the lack of information and links.  If you have any questions or can’t find tracklists for any of the following, feel free to shoot me an email or comment on the post.  Also please be sure to inform me if any links are broken – didn’t take the time to check every single one before posting.  I’m sure this will be enough to keep yall occupied until LGD is back in full swing, til then keep it digital.


~ by ssub on June 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Recap of the past month”

  1. […] post of free mixtapes, albums and beats and Lab Coat made the #1 spot on the list. Thanks LGD! Peep the post here. It’s full of kick […]

  2. Woah man. Nuts!

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