4DI – Explicit Beats

This dope beat tape from unsigned German head 4DI just landed in the LGD inbox and damn am I impressed!  One of the first submissions I’ve gotten in a very long time that was even hip-hop, I swear 95% of people who send press releases to blogs don’t even listen to anything that’s been posted haha.  Jazzy/funky hip-hop production w/ a hint of 2-step/grime influence.

A Collection of Explicit and Extraexplicit Beats produced by 4di aka 4D aka 4deezy aka hubi scholz aka edgar f. aka
edgar fichtenwald aka fichty aka jackmaster ed aka Eddy ed aka Adam Foxxxy….

Check his BANDCAMP page to stream/download the album



~ by ssub on April 24, 2010.

One Response to “4DI – Explicit Beats”

  1. Hey I live in Colorado and spend a lot of time in the music scene. When I was younger I used to go see a lot of shows. I’m 25, I still see a lot of shows, but my friends are heavily involved. Artists such as prism, fresh 2 death, j flash, and savoy. Other friends work for production companies or even own parts of Venus in the Denver area. I would really like a copy of the explicit beats cd to sample new artists and if I like it I can pass it along to help a name sell tickets via word of mouth. Either wayi wish you the best of success.

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