Ocuban – Behave Decently EP

Here’s a super fresh beat tape that came out in March 09 from Florida-raised, Brazilian-bred producer Ocuban (oh-q-bon) who’s currently posted up in Nashville, TN.  Tipped off by Bookworm, member of The Labcoat Crew and founder of the Asheville-based event production company Low Frequency Ops.  Hoping to see this dude hook up with the Labcoat kids for some shows down south, definitely a rowdy scene for beats there!

“DJ Ocuban followed the K’nids with ease. I’ve seen a lot of DJs in Nashville, but never have I sensed that a DJ loved his dancers more than Ocuban. He mixed instrumental beats resurrected circa 1992. He gently roped everyone in, melting together a unified body of movers and casually muttering, “Have one on me,” to the whole room. Friends and strangers crowded around him like New York tourists in a street drum circle, disappointed to hear his pad controller go to bed for the night.” – Sarah Marie , The Deli Magazine

“It’s light hearted trip hop and full on experimental. Delicious.” -cavacool.com

“He is a DJ and Producer from Nashville. A damn good one at that. haven’t been able to stop listening to his songs here and there.” – noharmnofoul.net

“Unsigned artist with a self-released EP full of glitchy, ambient soundscapes and downtempo hip-hop leanings. Highly recommended.” – Catrainbow.com

“How to explain that an artist who makes such good tracks is still unsigned?” -lamamonthis.over-blog.com

Mediafire link


~ by ssub on April 11, 2010.

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