Dibiase – Return of the Sludge

Dibiase of Green Llama Crew just dropped his new beat showcase for BTS Radio. Homie is one of the most promising producers of 2010.  8-bit synths and gutter kicks, no duermes amigos.

Artwork by Ques (Brainfeeder)

My first introduction to Dibiase (formerly known as Diabolic) was getting a copy of his “Jeep Bangers” beat tape in late 2005. It was a collection of warm, wah-wah, crackle sampled tracks that could even be described as late ’90s Jay Dee. A one to watch introduction. Shortly after this, Flying Lotus made his second in-studio apperance, bringing a crew with him, among them, Dibiase.

This was the first time I had the chance to speak with Dibiase in-depth since obtaining “Jeep Bangers” and it was a instant family connection. He’s one of the few folks I know who’s so deeply passionaite about hip-hop and production, you can tell instantly he’s been at it his whole life.

A week after Lotus’ in-studio, Dibiase came down and banged out which is now one of the most requested archives, stay tuned for that. As time progressed, so did his production. Every few months, I’ll hear a new track from him and hes always moved on to the next level.

Take notice. Dibiase is revitalizing hip-hop production.

For more on Dibiase, visit:

Original Air Date: March 16, 2010
Running Time: 41 minutes

Dibiase – What Champions Is Made Of (CDR)
Dibiase – Electric Chairz (CDR)
Dibiase – Castle Brickz (CDR)
Dibiase – Rusty Bladez (CDR)
Dibiase – Supa Guilty (CDR)
Dibiase – Thrillatime Slime (AllCity 10″ L.A. Series #1)
Dibiase – No Sleep (CDR)
Dibiase – Harmony (CDR)
Darkhouse Family – Mein Atari (Dibia$e Lo-Fi Reflip) (CDR)
Selfish – Kung Fu Smoke Interlude (CDR)
Dibiase (feat. Selfish) – Chameleon (CDR)
Dibiase – R&B Bullshit (CDR)
P.U.D.G.E. – Zoom (CDR)
Dibiase (feat. Tone Liv and B Stilt) – Give Em The Bizness (CDR)
Dibiase – Contradictions (Instrumental) (CDR)
Dibiase – Golden Palace (CDR)
Dibiase – Clock Out (CDR)
Dibiase – Price Iz Wrong (CDR)
Devonwho – Fedoraworm (Dibia$e Reflip) (Klipmode)
Dibiase – Rotten Applez (CDR)
Dibiase – Absolute (CDR)
Samiyam – 22222 (CDR)
14 KT – DAMN (CDR)
Devonwho – 7am (Shlomo Remix) (Klipmode)
Vincent Price – So Good (CDR)
Dibiase – 727 (Uncut Raw/First Toke) (CDR)
DJ Houseshoes – The Makings (Do-Over)

Head over to BTS Radio for the download link



~ by ssub on March 17, 2010.

One Response to “Dibiase – Return of the Sludge”

  1. so happy andrew meza is back at it with bts! him and ques are running things! dibiase is a beast.

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