Jables – Assemble EP

Here’s the debut EP from Jables, a relatively unknown producer out of Asheville, NC.  Been anxiously awaiting this one for a minute now, I’m sure yall have noticed me hyping this kid for awhile here.  Homie runs w/ Labcoat, a recently-formed crew of Southern beat heads consisting of Two Fresh (the Nicholls twins Kendo and Shweez), Bookworm, and Jables.  This is definitely one of the main beat collectives to watch in 2010 along w/ Klipm0de, Wedidit, and Elm & Oak.

1. Horizontal

2. Milksteak

3. Havenots

4. Elastic Waistband

5. Half&half

6. Aesthetics

7. Inspector Gadget remix x Shweez (Labcoated)

Mastered by wolfmastering

Zshare link


~ by ssub on March 11, 2010.

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