Professor Ojo – Between Snacks

Was just informed by the good people over at Open Music – which is an AWESOME netlabel supporting the concept that music is no longer a product, but rather content – that Professor Ojo has a newer EP available, and yet another on the way.

Listening to Ben Wallace’s beats can be really confusing at times. Take Ice Cream Peaks, my favourite and the preview on our homepage player. The intro to is it a structural mess. In fact, pretty much the whole first half is a drunken stumble. But the deep head-nodding vibe is so strong, so psychedelic, I wonder if he lived another few hundred miles north, would he be a leading note in the Wonky scene rooted in Glasgow; Rustie, Hudson Mohawke, Flying Lotus, The Heralds of Change, Dr. Who Dat etc. All slammed out by hand on some banged up old AKAI sampler, this is everything I love about Hip Hop and I’m really glad to have it on here. Moody, uplifiting, without cliche or chest-puffing attitude, solid and forward moving. What the hell is going on up north?

Left click – auto DL



~ by ssub on February 15, 2010.

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