Robert Koch – Kwatro Mix

New mix from Robert Koch for Kwatro, home of one of LGD’s favorite producers fLako

After introducing the ‘Kwatro x Spinners’ series with a stunning mix by Dj LeftOoo, we are now proud to feature a mix by the the rising muchacho grosero Robot Koch. This huevón is shooting at us with a lot of unheared dopeness, collected during his triumphant tour trough the us and mexico since early january.

We don’t release the tracklist on principle, because we are convinced that it is much more interesting to be surprised by the selection. Where is the fun if you already know? But in this case, he told us, he received so many untitled music files, which he partly used, so he couldnt provide a tracklist anyway. I am still curious about some artist and tracknames in this mix, so if you know the complete tracklist by listening to it, you are a real music geek, but a real music lover too.

Top up your spanish skills to know what ‘muchacho grosero’ and ‘huevón’ means. Shouts to lovely Graciella and my homie Rob. Did you realised the dope Artwork? Outstanding again and i am just waiting to get a 96 on canvas!

Stream on MIXCLOUD

…and then CLICK HERE to download if ya dig



~ by ssub on February 14, 2010.

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