Devonwho – Guest Mix for Vibes and Stuff

Devonwho of Klipm0de just dropped another bangin’ mix for Vibes and Stuff (lol, awesome name).  Definitely some gnarly tracks on here I’d never heard before.  Kid’s gonna be huge in 2010, watch your six.

devon-pod.jpg picture by allegroe-bucket

our latest guest thing is from Devonwho, a beatmaker from Los Angeles by way of Portland, and 1/4th of the mighty Klipmode collective. alongside knXwl3dG3, Suzi Analouge, & Mindesign, Devon ( + has been blasting heads across the world non-stop with singles, digital only EP’s, free beat-tapes, and compilation placements for the past 24 months. this is an essential mix, so much dopeness here. and it’s NOT just for the beat fiends. enjoy.


mndsgn – Magikbullet

Suzi Analogue – Pheonoxybenzamine

Suzi Analogue – Flamecatchr

Co.Fee – Venice Blvd.

D-Bridge – ZX81

Fitz Ambro$e – Yynos

V A R A – Rotting Daisies

Knxwledge – Klare

Dibiase – Remind Me Somethin’

Suzi Analogue – BKuzU

Devonwho – Crappy.Apple

Knxwledge – Missedkalls

mndsgn – Transport

St. Andrew – Cosmic Terror

Devonwho – Adept (Tokimonsta Remix)

Weslee Connersz – Purple Peas

Mt. Deowledge – It’s A Start

Hieroglyphics – Miles From The Sun

Dam Funk – Visions

Krystal Klear – Anteater

Aphex Twin – Mookid

Mike Slott – Amanallah

Teebs – Flowerdrumsong

Right click – save as



~ by ssub on February 8, 2010.

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