Qwerty Musique – Mononucleose

This is beat tape is seriously messing with my head.  Spacey, stuttering beats from some crazy French-Canadian Qwerty Musique.  I have no idea where I got this from or who the hell this guy is, but this beat tape is some seriously original work.  It’s like Samiyam and Ras G had a sonic lovechild, then Flylo showed up with a bunch of deemz and blasted the ugly lil bastard off.  Highly recommended!


Mediafire link



~ by ssub on February 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “Qwerty Musique – Mononucleose”

  1. this was great! hearing something original that comes from home and being away from home is refreshing. this kid really made is homework. i heard samples from boule noir which was our “disco legend”, dubmatique THE mid 90 hip hop group. also from rock et relles oreilles comedy group. all in one without being too nerdy about it. gives a little more meaning to us and still sounds excellent, clever. sweeeeet. i hope he/she gets a decent release. great blog. peace.

  2. KENLO

  3. […] Musique (who released one of the most tripped-out, spacey tapes I’ve ever heard, grab it HERE) and some collabs he did w/ Vlooper (who also released a superb beat tape which can be found HERE). […]

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