Bitesize Beats – “Synthesize Me” (La Mixette Vol. 24)

Firey tracklist!  Courtesy of Musique Large

Yo Large listenners ! Hope you are all good in this cold times.
SO first I wanna thank the 12Junkies crew from Augsburg/Germany.
They own the Glitch Happens Partyand, I played thereand we spend
so many good times and their party is growing up in town.
You have keep an eye on this homies, because I feel you gonna
hear about them soon and everywhere…nice visuals, good mood,
talented designers.

So, now let’s introduce BITESIZE BEATS from Nottingham / UK.
His huge beat “Mixette” called “Synthesize me” will give you
a large impression of his dj talent.
Heis a veteran mixmaker, starting out doing guest mixes for
Ninja Tune’s legendary Solid Steel show in 2003, and has been
played on XFM, BTTB and Electronic Explorations, among others.

Styles have changed over the years from the early cut + paste
hip-hop/breakbeat stuff to the more recent psychedelic beat journeys,
also taking in electronics, dubstep, ambient, soul, downtempo etc
(often in the space of a single mix).
Mixes are constructed in Ableton, all tunes being cut up, rearranged,
re-edited and layered to within an inch of their lives…

Large listenning to all of you!

01/ take – chrome in the clouds [power slide audio]
02/ sephirot – scattered [mp3]
03/ shlohmo – ghosts pt2 [error broadcast]
04/ abbey lee tee – circulating til infinity [hillbilly]
05/ dizz1 – frazzled [kindred spirits]
06/ devonwho – glow [klipmode]
07/ pudge – reign dancing with the stars [rushhour]
08/ weslee – ellechronica [mp3]
09/ 00genesis – my sunshine [mp3]
10/ afta-1 – 7th sun [mp3]
11/ eliphino – i like it yo [mp3]
12/ mindesign – airways [klipmode]
13/ exile – san pedro cactus [plug research]
14/ tokimonsta – lucid waking [mp3]
15/ dr who dat – jj-tron [lex]
16/ architeq – spinning plates [tirk]
17/ prefuse 73 – dec machine funk [warp]
18/ mike slott – snow birds [luckyme]
19/ robot koch – gorom sen (shlohmo remix) [robots don’t sleep]
20/ low limit – turf day [rushhour]
21/ mono/poly – oil fields [fat city]
22/ little dragon – fortune (afta-1 remix) [mp3]
23/ siroj – dancing serpent in dawns quiet [slumgullion]
24/ teebs – untitled 05 [mp3]
25/ nosaj thing – us [alpha pup]
26/ take – chrome in the clouds [power slide audio]


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~ by ssub on January 27, 2010.

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