Plawz – 28 Grams

What in the hell is going on?  I swear it turned 2010 and all of a sudden every nerdy, suburban kid making broken-ass video game hip-hop suddenly decided to release a dope beat tape of all the shit they’ve made since they moved back into their mom’s basement after dropping out of the local community college.  My appologies to Plawz if this is not the case, just realize that the last two weeks have been FILLED with all sorts of nasty beat tapes from cats I’ve never so much as seen mentioned on obscure mixes around the interweb.  Letherette, Chits, and BuELLER are three other previously unknown (to me) producers that debuted incredibly gnarly beat tapes in the last two weeks.  Props to this kid, regardless of whether or not he still lives in his mom’s basement and/or dropped out of community college to make mariohoptronica.

Tip courtesy of Jerkface, good looks!

Bandcamp link



~ by ssub on January 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Plawz – 28 Grams”

  1. and that Kidkanevil’s Basho Basho is DAMN HOT !!!!

    • Tell me about it! Wish it was a free release, it would’ve gotten upped already if it was. Hot shit for sure though

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