cmd/ctrl – Waiting for the Winter

Courtesy of Monday Jazz

Back in days relatives from Canada used to send jeans, chewing gum and The Beatles vynils for Christmas. And in Mondayjazz edition these goods are replaced by Canadian mix Waiting For The Winter by cmd/ctrl. How can be guessed from the name, compilation starts with frosty cold accords and trippy vocals. Further action concentrates around mixture between mysterious winter tales and flair of a party. And finnally we even meet some absolutely anthemic opuses.
So probably everyone will take at least a little piece from this mix of what he is missing after the celebrations.


Artwork by Jeff Johnston,
1. Leila – The Exotics
2. Mount Kimbie – Vertical
3. Tobacco – Yum Yum Cult
4. E.A.R.L. – Changeview
5. Hudson Mohawke – Fuse
6. Mussck – Don’t Sell Your Dreams ( Matt B Remix)
7. Pudge – Reign Dancing With The Stars
8. Flako – Yeahyeahyeah
9. Deniz Khan – Springtime
10. Robot Koch – Hard To Find
11. Shlomo – Post Athmosphere
12. Cupp Cave – Breech This Trust
13. Antipop Consortium – Reflections (Cmd/ Ctrl Remix)
14. Dimlite – Back To The Universe Pt.1
15. Kelpe – Clearance
16. Teebs – Wlta
17. Common – Be
18. Zo aka La Chauve -Souris – The Peacock Revolution
19. Herrmutt Lobby – Fat Manual
20. Alex B – Players (J.Dilla SV Remix)
21. Illum Sphere – Medusa
22. Notorious BIG – Suicidal Thoughts (Lorn Remix)
23. Mike Slott – Boxed In
24. Damu vs. Joe Buck – Beat Grinder
25. DevonWho – Whispers
26. Beem – Don’t Bogard That Can,Man
27. Flying Lotus – Disco Balls
28. The XX – Basic Space (Lunice Remix)
29. Michael Fakesch – Escalate



~ by ssub on December 28, 2009.

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