Courtesy of Take Flight Club.  The only female member of Brainfeeder has been slaying it lately.  Who doesn’t love cute girls that drop fresh beats?

If you don’t know about TOKiMONSTA yet, you better get to know. Heavily recommended by Flying Lotus, TOKi has gathered up following from all sides of the electronic music spectrum. Her sound merges avant-garde HipHop and electronica with straight up neck breaking beats with a little bit of everything in between thrown in for good measure.

Look out for forthcoming releases on RAMP, Art Union and Brainfeeder.

Incase you were wondering about the tracklisting –

‘ i have this thing where i usually don’t give a tracklisting–for various reasons: sometimes bc i’m sharing exclusives, private gems, and simply for fun (i found that people enjoy figuring out what songs are being played).  Also, people tend to listen to the mix longer this way–otherwise, they’ll just go and download the tracks separately.  also, im getting serious issues with people pulling apart my mixes and bootlegging my friends tracks, my tracks, tracks that i’ve dug for.. etc…..’ – TOKiMONSTA

We completely understand what she’s saying and we hope you do too!


Sendspace link



~ by ssub on December 22, 2009.

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