Prefuse 73 – Tour promo CD

Hadn’t ever seen this one before, figured y’all might have missed it too

So I was on tour during back in the day and put together a c.d. of 31 or so songs, mostly very textural or out takes from that era. I did O.G. artwork for each one with acetate, pencil and marker. This drove my entire touring party insane because I was working on them all day in the back of the tour bus. My friends were coming up with various ways to kill me. I could only make 5 a day, as the artwork was a bitch to do but I was thinking of way to release it but it seems as if that has been taken care of that for me. Sounds like shit but it’s there. John Herndon from Tortoise made some SICK ones too that were hand stitched. We are very into arts and crafts…

Mediafire link



~ by ssub on December 9, 2009.

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