Coco Bryce mixtape #4

Courtesy of Lowriders Collective


Damn! Last night at the Lowriders basement party with Bazar Curieux Coco came up to me and told me he had a new mix ready, AGAIN! It just dropped in my mailbox. This comes with the warning: Early December….So maybe a more to come this month…, who knows. This is also an early warning for the series we’re about to start with exclusive mixtapes from people we like.

1. rustie – keesha resmak. (unreleased?).
2. hovatron – cold game stupid. (lo fi funk).
3. ryuichi sakamoto – riot in lagos. (island).
4. ceephax – volume two. (rephlex).
5. ghosts on tape – predator mode – roska remix. (wireblock).
6. ariel pink – reminiscences. (cooler cat records).
7. inko – ovni pita. (unreleased).
8. 1000 names – saturn race. (forthcoming black acre).
9. coco bryce & dj mace – dub rap. (forthcoming fremdtunes).
10. slugabed – titans. (forthcoming planet mu).
11. mesak – claves kein. (forthcoming myor).
12. daniel savio – ohhh! (flogsta danshall).
13. coco bryce – embarcadero. (unreleased).
14. coco bryce – ghetto freaks. (harmönia).
15. lazercrotch – nugut! (poisonous gases).
16. will powers – adventures in success. (island).

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~ by ssub on December 6, 2009.

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