Dert – Talk Strange

Courtesy of the fine folks over at You’ll Soon Know

This is without doubt one of the best thing’s I’ve heard in 2009! Dert is a genius when it comes to chopping and slicing in a remix fashion and this download proves that once again. Talk Strange is 17 tracks sampling original tunes and remixes by Bjork and although using samples sounds totally original and fresh to the ear. The anchor beat has to be my favorite track off this album, let us know what you think with a comment! Also as a bonus here is a beat tape he made using Dark Side of the Moon samples as well as I know you will be itching for more after hearing this!

01 skip. the intro
02 funky new world
03 dert is full of love
04 aurora jolie
05 it’s oh so loud!
06 neon strings
07 on the hunt
08 it’s for…
09 aqueous
10 venus morning
11 dark currents
12 flashback
13 the anchor beat
14 generosity
15 dert is out of love
16 downtown living
17 amphibious

Edit – working link for “Talk Strange” below

Mediafire link



~ by ssub on November 30, 2009.

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