Coco Bryce mixtape vol. 3 – November Rain

Courtesy of Lowriders Collective

Coco Bryce has got into another gear. After his successful split EP with Slugabed he is and into a production mood as well as in mixtape production. Keep an eye on this man, you’ll be hearing more, much more ….. soon!

We already knew him by his peculiar taste in music. Listening to his mixtape(s) your confronted with Skweee, Italo, Hip Hop, Electro, Abstract Beats, dubstep and much more thanks to his brilliant choice of shifting tunes, beats and melodies. This mixtape sucks you in, pleases you perfectly…..


1. easy & center of the universe – hamada (harmönia).
2. mesak – artooskweetoo (harmönia).
3. eden hashish center.
4. coco bryce – rucphen phunck.
5. the grouch & eligh – old souls (legendary music).
6. clouds – era of black holes part 2 (channel zero).
7. zomby – spaceman (hyperdub).
8. eskmo – from the standpoint (planet mu).
9. mbz – pirate riddim.
10. terror danjah – zumpi hunter – swindle rmx (planet mu).
11. gemmy – rainbow rd (planet mu).
12. guido – chakra (punch drunk).
13. eden hashish center.
14. dmx krew – collapse of the wave function (rephlex).
15. kazi – a.v.e.r.a.g.e. (stones throw).
16. aaliyah – try again (virgin).


~ by ssub on November 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Coco Bryce mixtape vol. 3 – November Rain”

  1. fuck, that first track is amazing.

  2. thanks for cross posting

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