Paul Pre – La Mixette Vol. 13

New Paul Pre!!!!!  Still probably my favorite DJ, dude’s mixes have never let me down.

The Clonious – Emora
Electrons Libres – Hoog
fLako – Footprints
Low Limit – Inspirational Jumpsuit
Computer Jay – Distance
Harmonic 313 – Cyclotron
Nosaj Thing – 1685 Beach
Paul White – Alien Nature
Danny Breaks & Adlib – The Sound
Architeq – Birds of Prey (Fulgeance Remix)
Duktus – Devon2test
Annu – Juice Smoke
Mndsgn – Ms Taken
Hudson Mohawke – Rising 5
Devonwho – Holup
Marcus Sebastian – Nasty Lady
Lorn – Cheese Grater
Lopez – Theo´s Beat
Guilty Simpson – For the D (Harmonic 313 remix)
Samiyam – Bonus Mission
SiFunk & Garmunkle – Emma’s Krush
Griffi – Nos vemos en Shibuya
Wan – BoomClickClap
Brenk – Raw Shhh
Ad Bourke – Corviale
Reggie B – Outergalactic Funk
High-Res – Funkshuns
I-Sa – Syco3
The Clonious – One at a Time (funked up) feat. Muhsinah

~ by ssub on November 15, 2009.

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