A bunch of trade-friendly Flying Lotus

Homie asked me to shoot him a bunch of Flying Lotus’s mixes, here’s the majority of what I’ve run across in the past.  If you want exact dates and tracklists look em up yourself, too lazy to do all that.  His set from Red Rocks ’08 is on my ipod, but not my computer so I can’t up it right now.  If anyone knows the link or wants to up it I’m sure people would appreciate it!


Live on Gilles Peterson 3.10.10

Uploaded.to link

A Decade of Flying Lotus (mostly unreleased jams mixed by Gaslamp Killer)

Right click – save as

Live @ Pure 12.8.09

Mediafire link

Live @ Warp20

Mediafire link

Live @ Red Rocks (STS9 setbreak) 9.5.08

Mediafire link

Live @ The Do-Over 5.25.08

Zshare link

Essential Mix 11.29.08 (truly essential, grab this first if you’re not up on those Lotusian beats)

Mediafire link (link fix’d 12.14.09)

Live @ Sonar ’08

Mediafire link

BBC Radio 1 ’07

Right click – save as

Black Fist mix (promo mix for Los Angeles?)

UploadedTo link

Brainfeeder special (5hrs, most of the Brainfeeder crew also)

Megaupload link

Future Roots radio Live on KPFK 1.30.09

Right click – save as



~ by ssub on October 30, 2009.

9 Responses to “A bunch of trade-friendly Flying Lotus”

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  2. Where’s my do-over tracklist?

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  4. very sick. i am still having probs getting the essential mix..please help sir..thanks

    • I accidentally made the text say “right click – save as” when it should’ve said “mediafire link” as it does now. Just left click and it’ll take you to the link on my mediafire account. Hope that helps, if not hit me back

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