LuckyMe megapost

LuckyMe just upped a grip of new mixes, getchu some

LuckyMe ~ Hudson Mohawke Butter

45. Citinite – Nitecasting Mix

In November 09 we are pairing upo with one of our favourite labels on Earth – Citinite – for two coinsecutive days of parties in London & Glasgow with the crop of their roster vs. the crop of ours. Mannn, we can’t wait. Our mellow Manny Z mad this Citinite promo mix for us to get y’all in the mood.

Peace to Lauren’s homegirl who chatted-up Lunice.

*The Broadcast – Gosub
*Hot Sex, Hot Love (demo) – Lil’ Kenny
Milk – Robert O’Dell
*Dirty Illusions – Rozzi Daime
*(untitled instrumental) – Michael Fakesch
(I Need A) Modernaire Lover – Complexxion
*The Last Time I Saw You – Gosub
Electro-? – John Davis
Modernaire – Hot Persuasion feat. Egyptian Lover
*Mirage – AD Bourke
*Hot, Raw, Sex – Jimmy Edgar
Interstella – Sweat.X
I’m That Alley – Sweat.X remixed by Mike Slott
*You’ll Understand – Markus Wormstorm
*Hang Glyde – Mynk Rychardz

( Tracks marked * are unreleased exclusives )

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46. The Blessings – Nalden Mix

We made this for the Dutch Wizard of Oz they call Nalden and his flash happy website. His site is full of goodies. Peace to Nalden!It was all to get the word out for our clubs 2nd Birthday. Ballers don’t quit.

Peace to Una.

Ring the Bells Intro
Teedra Moses- Everybody Rock
Hudson Mohawke- Fuse
Ciara- Go Girl (Blessings Remix)
Mario- Break Up (inst)
Shortstuff- Stuff
Terror Danjah- Zumpi hunter (Swindle Remix)
Respite- Cache
Flying Lotus- Comet (Matthew David Remix)
Mike Slott- 40 Winx
Nadsroic- Peekaboo
Wale- Pretty Girls (inst)
Jesse Boykins III- Tabloids
The Blessings- Moranis Riding Ants
Neverending Outro

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47. The Blessings – Dazed B5C Birthday Mix

Another mix to celebrate the Ballers 5ocial Club birthday parties – this time bringing exclusive LuckyMe unreleased bangers via the beatuiful folks at Dazed & Confused.

Peace to Maya Mother Fuckin 808.

Nadsroic- Higashi Vs Nishi
Hudson Mohawke- 3.30
Mike Slott- Six AM
Lunice- Hip Pop
The Big Pink- Dominoes (Rustie remix)
Jay Prada- From 1000
The Blessings- Faberge
Respite- Pang
The Blessings- Obama Sushi
Tiago- Hidden Sources
Invest in us
Dema- ChangXXX
Hudson Mohawke- Rising 5
American Men- Cool World

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48. Terror Danjah – Glasssglow Mix

Damn! We worked for Planet Mu on the sleeve of one of our favourites! Terror Danjah joins us at Ballers and to return the favour he made us this loud as fuck mixtape. It’s grossss.

Peace to Emmanem.

Grimmmm – D.O.K – Zip Files Vol 2
untitled – Big-E-D Zip – Files Vol 2
Dirt Bag – Dj Silencer – Wow Bass
Jeeper Creeper – Terror Danjah & Scratcha DVA
Morph – Terror Danjah – Zip Files vol 2
Zumpi Huntah – Terror Danjah – Industry Standard 4 – Planet Mu
Trojah – Terror Danjah – Zip Files Vol 1
Suck Out – Loudmouth Melvin – Zip Files Vol !
Code Morse – Terror Danjah & D.O.K – Gremlinz – Planet Mu
Scotch Bonnet – Terror Danjah – Zip Files Vol 2
Jack Daniels – Rude Kid – Are U Ready Vol !
Big Man Ting – Terror Danjah ft Frisco, Jammer, Tempa T – Hardrive Vol 2
Do It – Joker – Purple City
Just Realised Terror Danjah ft Fumin (Splash) – Hardrive Vol
Splash – Terror Danjah – Gremlinz – Planet Mu
Menace – Terror Danjah – Zip Files Vol 2
Sidechain – Terror Danjah – Industry Standard – Planet Mu
Untiltled – Terror Danjah – Zip Files Vol 2
Creepy Crawler – Terror Danjah – Zip Files Vol 2
Buzz Light Year – DaVinChe – Paperchase
Stop Start – Terror Danjah – Zip Files Vol 1
We Told U – Terror Danjah (Original Dub Mix) – Zip Files Vol 2
Zumpi Huntah (Swindle Remix) – Zip Files vol 1 – Planet Mu
Space – Treble Clef – Zip Files vol 2
Teleport – D.O.K – Zip Files Vol !
Warning – D.O.K – Dokument Chapter !
sense – Macabre unit
???? – P Jam – Dice Recordings
Nissi – TNT
N95 – Dj Sir Spyro
Jam Hot – Geenus – Dump Valve
Best Crawler – Terror Danjah & Rude Kid – Are U Ready EP/Zip files Vol 2
Golly Gosh (Re rub) – Sticky – Sticky Situation
???? – J Sweet – Sweet Beats
Blackberry Hype – maxwell D (Terror Danjah special)
Buss It – Dj Perempay
Reloadz – Terror Danjah – Gremlinz – Planet Mu
War Head – Dj Krust – V Recordings
Bambattaa – Shy Fx – Ebony Records
Cash Till Roni Size – Dope Dragon
Burial Letivcus – Philly Blunt/ V Recordings
Code Red
Special Decication – Dj Nut Nut

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…and here’s a 100% free comp

01. Claude Speed – Don’t Ever Antagonize The Horn
02. The Blessings – Go Girl
03. Mike Slott – 23 Halfs
04. Jay Prada – Bunk
05. Respite – Pang
06. American Men – We Await Silent Tristero’s Empire
07. Dema – 10000000
08. Respite – Hundreds & Millions
09. The Blessings – Explicit American Cinema
10. Lunice – One of Me

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